Individual Eligibility

  1. Students* only: Any current or recent student may register as a competitor; a recent student would have been a current student until 1 year ago.
  2. No age limit: A current student is defined as a person of any age that is enrolled in a recognized academic institution.
  3. Representation: An individual may be attached to an academic institution by being ever enrolled in it; a recognized institution is an accredited educational institution or an institution that may grant a degree or diploma.
  4. Returning Participation: Previous individuals are eligible to compete.

Team Eligibility

  1. Team Composition Projects are submitted by teams of one to six eligible individuals; one participant can be part of more than one team; each team shall have a team lead, as the main contact person.
  2. Team Uniqueness Each team must be unique, i.e. a team may not share more than 50% of the same composition as any other team, round to the lower number if the team is an odd number; team leads must be unique, i.e. one person cannot be the team lead of multiple teams.
  3. Team Representation Each team must nominate one representative academic institution if any of the team members are from different academic institutions; this representative institution determines which country or territory the team and thus project will represent; teams may be composed of members from different countries/territories or academic institutions.
  4. Returning Participation Previous teams are eligible to compete.

Project Eligibility

  1. One Team, One Project: A team may submit only one project.
  2. Returning Participation Previous projects are eligible to compete.
  3. Competition Tier Secondary school students, tertiary school students, and recent graduates shall compete in their respective tiers.
  4. Grading Criteria Each project shall be evaluated by the following three parts: 20% Pitch Presentations (10-min limit); 30% Whitepaper (10-page limit); 50% Poster + Q&A Session (10-areas).
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